Monthly Archives: January 2018

Just Some Eggs

Elysia clarki eggs in Box of Slugs 2. 1/16/18

This morning, one of the big Elysia clarki was coiled suspiciously on one of the Udotea .  Sure enough, she was laying another large egg mass.  There must be thousands of little embryos in there.  They have been laying about one mass per week, for quite some time, and the total count is at least 21 egg masses since September.  That is a lot of eggs for two slugs.

Keeping fingers crossed about getting the babies to eat, now that we have some new Bryopsis plumosa.

Updates for the New Year!

Happy 2018 to everyone from us at the Solar Sea Slug Blog.

Elysia zuleicae in Pierce Lab at the University of South Florida. 12/28/17

We’ve polished the place up a little for the new year, adding about 20 papers to the reference lists, and publishing species pages for E. papillosa and E. zuleicae.

Thank you all for your views and support.  Looking forward to more sluggy adventures in 2018.