A few pounds of love


New Bryopsis!

New Bryopsis!

The Box of Slugs just got a little happier.  They ate through the last batch of Bryopsis in less than a week, so it was time to increase supply and reduce demand.  Justin, a WAMAS member with a 500 gallon tank and slight problem with Byopsis, offered a pile (read a few pounds) of algae.  It seemed like a good idea to thin the herd at the same time, so I brought over three slugs to see if they could make a dent in his Bryopsis crop (bringing the population in the office tank to 8).  Tangs, urchins and snails will not touch the stuff, but  E. clarki likes it more than anything.

The office tank is pretty full of tasty green pest algae.

170749_tankof Bryopsis

We’ll see how the little guys do in his tank.  They looked so tiny going in.  They should be happy as long as they stay away from the pumps.

162602 into Justins tank


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