Busy, exciting week

Happy Friday Everyone!

It has been an action-packed week here among the slugs.

Most importantly, at least if you live in the Box of Slugs, is the arrival of yet another large quantity of Bryopsis from Justin’s big ol’ tank.  I only brought half of the mass he siphoned from the 500 gallon tank, and only added about 1/3 of that to the Box.  The rest is sitting in small tanks, testing whether the algae are being destroyed by the slugs or simply dying from either being ripped from its moorings or starving for nutrients.  As this guy is demonstrating, it is a very welcome addition.

E. clarki enjoying the new batch of Bryopsis.

E. clarki enjoying the new batch of Bryopsis.

The eggs have not hatched, but a cursory glance suggests that the embryos are developing.  Will we see veligers and/or baby slugs next week?


Egg masses photographed 10/10/14

The site continues to develop, and links are beginning to connect to useful information.  There are now pages for Biological Control, Natural History, Horizontal Transfer of Genes and there are rudiments of an entry for Elysia grandifolia.  Inch by inch.

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