Embryos are alive and wiggling!

Things got a little slow during lab today, so I put some eggs on a slide and took some pictures and video.  Looking at a still photo, they look fine.  It looks like it has its father’s eyes.  Not sure what all the other parts are.

Elysia clarki embryo 11-12 days old.

Elysia clarki embryo 11-12 days old.

But that doesn’t tell us whether they are still alive, does it?  Well, here is a little video.  Not all of them were moving, and it is still not clear whether they are hatching or getting eaten, but at least some are wiggling energetically.  After their brief moment of fame, all went back into the Box of Slugs.



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    Hans Ruppel October 18, 2014

    Bravo, an invertebrate physiologist’s sonogram: that is a great video. Is it a boy or a girl, or both? Leeuwenhoek would be very proud!

    • Reply
      Dave October 19, 2014

      Thanks! Too bad van Leeuwenhoek didn’t have a nice digital camera on his microscope.

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    Ann Ruppel October 18, 2014

    Quite wonderful to see!

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