Popular Science Articles and Videos About Elysia

Surprisingly, the little guys have been getting a lot of press.  Here are some recent articles regarding Elysia species.  Please feel free to contact me to let me know about your favorite.

Green sea slugs aren’t solar powered after all from Science News.

Leafy Green Solar Powered Sea Slugs Begin to Reveal Their True Colors from Scientific American

Kleptoplasty: an unique trophic strategy on Tumblr.  Accompanied by a beautiful photo of E. crispata

Solar-Powered Sea Slugs from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Solar-Powered Sea Slug Harnesses Stolen Plant Genes from New Scientist

Photosynthetic Sea Slug Pirates from the Lane Lab

The Slug That Eats the Sun Sidney Pierce at TEDx TampaBay

Elysia Chlorotica: A Sap-Sucking, Solar-Powered Sea Slug presentation by Rebecca Johnson at the California Academy of Sciences

Mucky Secrets – Part 20 – Sap-sucking Slugs, Headshield Slugs, Sea Hares & Flatworms – Lembeh Strait: Part of a beautiful series of videos taken by Nick Hope in the Lembeh Strait.  Starts with nice video of Elysia; I think it is E. ornata.

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