Site Reorganization

In an effort to make navigation a bit more sensible, I have started making a few changes.  There is now a top-level page devoted to slug husbandry, Slugkeeping, which contains information (from this Web site and others) regarding how to keep and breed Elysia, as well as sources of slugs, food plants, and hardware.  The new Slug Science page collects the links to the labs and scientific papers that make up the world of Elysia research.  There is also a link to the occasional Solar Slug Journal Clubs that examine current papers in more detail.

Keep an eye out for more updates in the near future. Also, please let me know about links that may have been broken in the process of rearrangement.

In the meantime, here is a photo of a presumed E. papillosa that rode in on the recent batch of plants from KP Aquatics.

Elysia papillosa, June 2015

Elysia papillosa, June 2015

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    Joanna August 2, 2015

    Very nice reorg.

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