Slugs on NPR!

Terry Gosliner of the California Academy of Sciences was on NPR’s Science Friday this afternoon, talking about…SEA SLUGS!

Mostly he talked about the northward movement of the Hopkins Rose nudibranch (below), and what that tells us about warming temperatures in the Pacific.

Photo by Gary McDonald, posted on

Of course, he could not help but mention Solar Sea slugs and kleptoplasty.  I mean, who can spend an entire interview talking about a spiky pink abomination when you can talk about green beauties like Elysia?  It was a bit disappointing that he referred to Elysia as a nudibranch (we all know that they are not), and implied that they derived as much benefit from their chloroplasts as corals do from their zooxanthellae.  Nevertheless, any radio show about sea slugs is a good radio show.

More information and audio can be found on the Science Friday web site.

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