Elysia crispata

Elysia crispata photographed in the waters off of Curacao’s Playa Forti. Credit: Laszlo Ilyes

  • E. crispata, Bonaire
  • Huge, ruffly E. crispata. Bonaire
  • E. crispata and fire coral. Red Beryl, Bonaire
  • Light green E. crispata. Bonaire.
  • E. crispata in Box of Slugs 2.0
  • Elysia crispata in Box of Slugs 2. 3/8/15

Synonyms: Tridachia crispata

Description: A large species, reaching almost 7 cm (Marcus, 1980).  Highly variable in color.  Parapodia highly ruffled. Rhinophores appear scroll-like.  Common on and around coral reefs.

Distribution: Widespread in the Tropical Western Atlantic and Caribbean (Marcus, 1980; Pierce et al., 2006)

Food Plants: Halimeda, Penicillus

Scientific Literature:

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