Elysia ornata

Photo Credit: Silke Baron*


Distribution: Circumtropical

Food Plants: Bryopsis

Scientific Papers:

Cruz-Rivera, E., Paul, V.J. (2006) Feeding by coral reef mesograzers: Algae or cyanobacteria? Coral Reefs, 25 (4), pp. 617-627. Abstract [F] [NH] [Or] [Ru]

Horgen, F.D., Delos Santos, D.B., Goetz, G., Sakamoto, B., Yukiko, K., Nagai, H., Scheuer, P.J. (2000) A new depsipeptide from the sacoglossan mollusk Elysia ornata and the green alga bryopsis species.  Journal of Natural Products, 63 (1), pp. 152-154. Abstract [NP] [Or]

*”Elysia ornata 003” by Silke Baron from Vienna, Austria – Elysia Ornata NudibranchUploaded by JoJan. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons –

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