Elysia patagonica

Photo: Dirk Schories www.guiamarina.com

Synonyms: None

Description: A large species, reaching at least 70 mm (Munian & Ortea, 1997).  Scrolled rhinophores.  Deep green, with white patch on head, and iridescent white and/or bluish spots on body and edges of large parapodia.

Distribution: Southeastern coast of South America

Food Plant: Bryopsis

Scientific Papers:

Carbone, M., Muniain, C., Castelluccio, F., Iannicelli, O., Gavagnin, M.(2013) First chemical study of the sacoglossan Elysia patagonica: Isolation of a ?-pyrone propionate hydroperoxide Biochemical Systematics and Ecology, 49, pp. 172-175. Paywall [NP] [Pa]

Sanvicente-Añorve, L., Solís-Weiss, V., Ortigosa, J., Hermoso-Salazar, M., Lemus-Santana, E. (2012) Opisthobranch fauna from the national park arrecife alacranes,southern Gulf of Mexico.  Cahiers de Biologie Marine, 53 (4), pp. 447-460. PDF [NH] [Cr] [Pa] [Su] [Tu]

Albano, M., Pon, J.S., Obenat, S. (2006) Macrobenthos associated with Phyllochaetopterus socialis Claparède, 1870 aggregates in Mar del Plata harbour, Argentina [Macrozoobentos asociado a los agregados de Phyllochaetopterus socialis Claparède, 1870 en el puerto de Mar del Plata, Argentina]. Investigaciones Marinas, 34 (2), pp. 197-203. PDF (Spanish) [F] [NH] [Pa]

Schrödl, M. (2002) Heavy infestation by endoparasitic copepod crustaceans (Poecilostomatoida: Splanchnotrophidae) in Chilean opisthobranch gastropods, with aspects of splanchnotrophid evolution. Organisms Diversity and Evolution, 2 (1), pp. 19-26. PDF [NH] [Pa]

Muniain, C., Marín, A., Penchaszadeh, P.E. (2001) Ultrastructure of the digestive gland of larval and adult stages of the sacoglossan Elysia patagonica. Marine Biology, 139 (4), pp. 687-695. PDF [K] [Pa]

Muniain, C., Ortea, J. (1997) First record of a sacoglossan (= Ascoglossan, Opisthobranchia) from Patagonia (Argentina): Description of a new species of genus , 1818. Veliger, 40 (1), pp. 29-37. Scanned JStor version [NH] [Pa]

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