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Elysia crispata at BDA dock, 1/11/16

Elysia crispata at BDA dock, 1/11/16

We’re taking a bit of a break from winter and work, and have escaped to Bonaire for about a week.  As always, the diving is amazing, with hordes of beautiful fishes, along with healthy corals and amazing sponges.  But you are not an avid fan of this site because of fluff like that.

Although our search for other species of Elysia has not been successful as yet, there have been plenty of E. crispata.  One does not even need to venture very far to find them.  After a dive from the Bonaire Dive and Adventure dock to check some recently repaired equipment, who did we find right next to the exit in a few feet of water?  This little beauty was waiting as if to wish us a good evening.

One usually finds these guys on surfaces that appear devoid of food plants. However, looking closely, a short, sparse turf of green algae can be seen.  With a vivid imagination, you might even be able to make out some little branches on the filaments, suggesting the presence of Bryopsis.  Or maybe not.

Time for more adventures with untamed slugs.  More soon.

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    Hans Ruppel January 12, 2016

    What a wonderful clear underwater photograph . What a lovely creature!

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